Psychoanalysis (Unabridged) - Carl Jung

Psychoanalysis (Unabridged)

By Carl Jung

  • Release Date: 2019-10-01
  • Genre: Science & Nature
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Psychoanalysis (Unabridged) Carl Jung

Summary : Psychoanalysis (Unabridged)

The Theory of Psychoanalysis comprises Carl Jung’s 1912 lectures at Fordham University, that outlined the future of his work in psychoanalysis, and represented a decisive break from the theories of his friend and colleague, Sigmund Freud. In these lectures, he develops his own theories of psychology based on his practical experience. He first looks at infantile sexuality, the conception of libido, and the etiological significance of the infantile sexuality. In chapters five to seven, he discusses the unconscious and its contents in detail, including the dream. The etiology of the neurosis is examined in chapter eight, and the work concludes with a discussion of the therapeutic principles of psychoanalysis.

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