Collected Papers in Analytical Psychology - Carl Jung

Collected Papers in Analytical Psychology

By Carl Jung

  • Release Date: 2012-07-11
  • Genre: Nonfiction
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Collected Papers in Analytical Psycholog Carl Jung

Summary : Collected Papers in Analytical Psychology

Carl Jung's Collected Papers on Analytical Psychology gathers in one volume some of his most important and influential shorter writings, and also some pieces that from our perspective, almost a century later, seem quaint or even idiosyncractic. The volume includes his famous study of a trance medium, a study on number-symbolism, his lectures on the word-association test, applications to child psychology, the role of the father-figure in psychic life; the letters between Jung and Loy on the practice of psychoanalysis; his presentation of extraversion and introversion; his opinions on the psychology of dreams; a long essay on analysis of psychotic conditions, and a very intriguing exploration of what the future of psychoanalysis looked like a century ago--an analysis with startling relationships to modern neuroscience. The volume provides wonderful insight into his mind and thought as he reached a position of prominence in the world of psychoanalysis. Enjoy!

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