Zen Jiu Jitsu: Over 40 (Unabridged) - Oliver Staark

Zen Jiu Jitsu: Over 40 (Unabridged)

By Oliver Staark

  • Release Date: 2014-07-23
  • Genre: Sports & Outdoors
  • © 2014 Barry Crowther

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Zen Jiu Jitsu: Over 40 (Unabridged) Oliver Staark

Summary : Zen Jiu Jitsu: Over 40 (Unabridged)

Over 40 and training in BJJ? Zen now offers new concepts that will change the way you think and train instantly.

This is the audiobook I wish I had when I began training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. My age, I didn't think was a factor at the time and now after many years on the mats, I've found that certain strategies and concepts when applied save me from constantly being injured or de-motivated by plateaus. I know how it feels to wonder if this is a long term game or just something I wish I could be good at.

Follow the advice and ideas in this audiobook and you'll be training into your 70s! Topics covered include:
Having a training life Motivation Age versus talent Getting and staying fit Staying Injury Free... and much more
The features in Zen Jiu Jitsu for the over-40s cover a lot of ground... Drilling and how it impacts your progress; promotions and their ability derail or support your game; nutrition tips; advice on training aids and resources.

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