Opie & Anthony, December 15, 2008 - Opie & Anthony

Opie & Anthony, December 15, 2008

By Opie & Anthony

  • Release Date: 2008-12-15
  • Genre: Arts & Entertainment
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Opie & Anthony, December 15, 2008 Opie & Anthony

Summary : Opie & Anthony, December 15, 2008

Anthony isn't in because he's trying to get into the World Series of Poker. Patrice O'Neal fills in for Anthony. Patrice has started playing poker on his phone. We talk about paying for the extra stuff we have in our apartment buildings and holiday tipping. Patrice's car gets stolen. We talk about Opie's wedding. We discuss this weekend's football games. We talk about the best crying scenes in movies. Jim cries at everything now. Bush gets a shoe thrown at him during an Iraqi press conference. We talk about the terrible puns that New York papers make in their headlines. A fired employee kills the company CEO at a Christmas party. We discuss the huge $50 billion Wall Street scam. And we discuss the economy and how it affects us.
Once we get to Sirius XM, we find out what happened to intern David at his massage on Friday. And the Penthouse Pet of the Year joins us in studio to talk about her life and to give David a show. [Broadcast Date: December 15, 2008]

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