Man Eaters of Kumaon (Unabridged) - Jim Corbett

Man Eaters of Kumaon (Unabridged)

By Jim Corbett

  • Release Date: 2021-07-12
  • Genre: Travel & Adventure
  • © 2021 Clay Miller

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Man Eaters of Kumaon (Unabridged) Jim Corbett

Summary : Man Eaters of Kumaon (Unabridged)

Her tracks now - as she carried away the girl - led into the wilderness of rocks, some acres in extent, where the going was both difficult and dangerous. The cracks and chasms in between the rocks were masked with ferns and blackberry vines, and a false step, which might easily have resulted in a broken limb, would have been fatal. Progress under these conditions was, of necessity, slow, and the tigress was taking advantage of it to continue her meal. A dozen times I found where she had rested, and after each of these rests, the blood trail became more distinct.

This was her 436th human kill, and she was quite accustomed to being disturbed at her meals by rescue parties - but this, I think, was the first time she had been followed up so persistently, and she now began to show her resentment by growling. To appreciate a tiger's growl to the fullest, it is necessary to be situated as I then was - rocks all around with dense vegetation between, and the imperative necessity of testing each footstep to avoid falling headlong into unseen chasms and caves.

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