First Time Dad: An Expectant Father's Weekly Guide to Pregnancy (Unabridged) - Troy Horne

First Time Dad: An Expectant Father's Weekly Guide to Pregnancy (Unabridged)

By Troy Horne

  • Release Date: 2021-04-15
  • Genre: Self-Development
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First Time Dad: An Expectant Father's We Troy Horne

Summary : First Time Dad: An Expectant Father's Weekly Guide to Pregnancy (Unabridged)

First time dads! The pregnancy journey just got easier and less confusing! 

I mean, if we're keeping it real, it's not that hard for us guys. However, pregnancy can be scary and stressful. Well not for you because you are about to get this audiobook! #YAY In this audiobook I am going to give you tips and thoughts that no other audiobook will give you. We're talking controversy, how to survive pregnancy brain, how not to be a dad-jerk, and a touch of education. We're talking keep your head on a swivel type pregnancy info.

You want to be a great dad right? You want to get this pregnancy thing right? You don't want to make mistakes, right? Take it from a three time dad vet! If you listen to this audiobook you are going to be a superstar during this nine month pregnancy adventure. I wrote this audioook just for you! A lot of first time dad books are filled with a lot of sentences and reading, and stuff. I didn't write one of those. Why? Because ain't nobody got time to read all that stuff. You've got:
Doctor appointments to make. (Cover it in the audiobook) Pickle flavored ice cream to pick up. (Doesn't exist but she might ask you to go get it anyway) Prenatal vitamins to take. (You should take them if you are trying to get pregnant) Hospital overnight bags to prepare. (Go over what should be in it in the audiobook) Baby nursery to prepare (Cribs, baby mattresses and mobiles...oh my!) Baby layette sets to buy (Got a list of all the things you'll need in here)'ve gotta get ready to have a baby! 
Don't worry my friend. I got you covered. It's all in here 10 minute easy to listen weekly sections. Plus, like I said, we go over some controversial topics. Being an African American dad there are some things that I discovered about this pregnancy thang that all you dads should know. All I'm gonna say is that "It can get crazy out here in these pregnancy streets"! #realtalk Story about that in here just for you!

Basically, If this is your first time doing this pregnancy thing this audiobook is your go to. Expectant fathers who are looking for information on how to get pregnant will find some great information up in here...up in here! I even talk about how we used science to determine the gender of all three of our kids. (We went 3-0 on the gender thing with this scientific method!)

Plus...I put in a section on how to navigate the first two months after the baby gets here. I'm telling you bro this audiobook is hot fire! I even added advice from about 10 or so other moms and dads on what to expect and how to be a success during this pregnancy journey! We literally covered it all! 

Buy this audiobook and get ready to laugh, be a little shocked, and be a lotta prepared.

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