The Lively Ghosts of Ireland (Unabridged) - Hans Holzer

The Lively Ghosts of Ireland (Unabridged)

By Hans Holzer

  • Release Date: 2021-01-28
  • Genre: Nonfiction
  • © 2021 Crossroad Press

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The Lively Ghosts of Ireland (Unabridged Hans Holzer

Summary : The Lively Ghosts of Ireland (Unabridged)

Ireland is known as the Emerald Isle, a land of history and mystery, beauty and enchantment. But there's much more to this jewel of the North Atlantic than meets the eye. 

Hans Holzer is a renowned ghost hunter who has traveled the world trailing the elusive spirits of souls anxious to be sent beyond the Veil. Here he recounts his fascinating journey across this island in search of its soul...and its spirits. 

There is an 18th-century swordsman who defends the hidden treasure of Ballyheigue Castle, a proud house now gutted by fire; Princess Orloff, originally known as Angelica Parrott, who returned home to haunt a jealous sister; Lilith, a young inhabitant of eerie Skryne Castle, who was strangled with foxglove fronds in 1740; Mary Masters, a young girl who refuses to forget her horrible death and continues to haunt Dublin's Shelbourne Hotel; the ghost at Number 118 Summerhill, Dublin who sends workmen into a panic; and many more.

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