Woodcock Shooting (Unabridged) - Edmund W. Davis

Woodcock Shooting (Unabridged)

By Edmund W. Davis

  • Release Date: 2020-05-26
  • Genre: Sports & Outdoors
  • © 2020 Northwoods Collective, LLC

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Woodcock Shooting (Unabridged) Edmund W. Davis

Summary : Woodcock Shooting (Unabridged)

Lazy days spent in the uplands inevitably bring a closer connection with nature. Especially when your sport is seeking that game little bird, the woodcock. For the woodcock reassures us that the brooks are still dancing merrily through the woods and are on their way to sweet-scented meadows. So it is, the woodcock brings joy to the lovers of forest, cover, and stream.

Woodcock Shooting was first published in 1908 and in an effort to continue to bring classic upland hunting books to a wider audience than could possibly be reached by access only to those remaining copies of originally published works, Project Upland is proud to make it available in audiobook.

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