The Art of War - Sun Tzu & James Clavell

The Art of War

By Sun Tzu & James Clavell

  • Release Date: 2019-08-06
  • Genre: History
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The Art of War Sun Tzu & James Clavell

Summary : The Art of War

The words held within these pages, written over two and a half thousand years ago, ring just as true today as they did in fifth century BC China. Bestselling author and master storyteller James Clavell (Shōgun) brought The Art of War to greater prominence in the West in the 1980s and showed how the book’s instruction was applicable on a smaller scale and could be used for personal betterment. Clavell’s wonderfully evocative foreword and helpful notes throughout the text guide the reader through preparations and battle plans, correct use of weapons and knowing when to fight—and when not to fight.

With a deep understanding of both strategy and human nature, this military treatise illustrates the fine craft of knowing one’s enemy and oneself. From military officers to CEOs to those simply looking to be more powerful in their own life, The Art of War has become required reading for anyone seeking a path of success through the modern world.

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