First Train Out of Denver - Leo Jenkins

First Train Out of Denver

By Leo Jenkins

  • Release Date: 2018-05-15
  • Genre: Travel & Adventure
  • © 2018 Tantor Audio

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First Train Out of Denver Leo Jenkins

Summary : First Train Out of Denver

On a tenebrous winter morning in Denver, Colorado, Leo Jenkins felt the weight of the world crushing him. Leo has a decision to make—maintain a comfortable position in a career he's no longer passionate about—or take a massive leap of faith. Giving up everything he's ever known, Jenkins sells his business, purges every possession that won't fit into a single backpack, and sets off into the world in pursuit of answers. Along the way Leo accepts a challenge from another former Army Ranger to see how far they can travel together in three weeks with nothing but a backpack and one hundred dollars to raise awareness and funds for a veteran charity.

By any means necessary, the two manage to traverse two continents and film an award-winning documentary along the way. In true nomadic hobo fashion, the pair stow away on coal trains, talk their way onto a boat, hitch rides, and walk their way over eight thousand miles in twenty-one days, raising nearly thirty-thousand dollars for their fellow veterans. Leo's personal journey continues through Eastern Europe, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, and beyond. Upon arrival in Alaska, Jenkins allots himself twenty-four hours to find and buy a vehicle to drive south, continuing his exploration of not just the world, but of the mind.

Contains mature themes.

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