Duffy's Tavern: Duffy Ain't Here - Ed Gardner

Duffy's Tavern: Duffy Ain't Here

By Ed Gardner

  • Release Date: 2015-07-29
  • Genre: Comedy
  • © 2015 Radio Spirits

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Duffy's Tavern: Duffy Ain't Here Ed Gardner

Summary : Duffy's Tavern: Duffy Ain't Here

In one of the goofiest slapstick comedies on the radio, Archie the bartender assaulted the English language, and insulted most of Hollywood. Portrayed by series creator Ed Gardner, Archie had hard luck with the ladies. But, he must have had some appeal to draw a group of guest stars like Marlene Dietrich, Gypsy Rose Lee, Chester Morris, Ed Wynn, Bob Crosby, Rudy Vallee, and more. Or, maybe the credit goes to his compatriots Finnegan, Eddie, Miss Duffy, Clancy the Cop, Slippery McGuire, and the rest of the gang (played by the likes of Charlie Cantor, Eddie Green, Florence Halop, Alan Reed, Sheldon Leonard, and more). Raise a glass to twenty digitally restored and remastered episodes and rare NBC Monitor rehearsal recordings. EPISODES INCLUDE: Auditor Finds A Shortage 01-07-48; Archie Wants to Patent Electricity 02-23-49; Archie Writes a Television Play 03-09-49; Spike McGurk 03-23-49; Archie and Finnegan Double-Date 04-06-49; Millionaire Bum J. Everett Poindexter 04-13-49; Will Miss Duffy Marry? 04-20-49; Someone's Getting Hitched 04-27-49; Detective Archie Tracks "Whistling Sam" Roberts 05-11-49; Ed Wynn Narrates Archie's Opera 05-25-49; Bob Crosby Sings to Archie's Girlfriend Gwendolyn 06-15-49; Archie Buys a Radio Station 09-21-50; Arthur Treacher Classes Up the Joint 03-02-51; The Singing Detective 04-06-51; New Floor Show 04-13-51; Archie the Lion Tamer 04-20-51; Archie Opens a Tea Room 11-23-51; Archie Inherits Half a Race Horse 11-30-51; Archie the Father 12-07-51; Atomic Research 12-21-51; NBC Monitor - Rehearsals (Various Sketches).

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