The Phantoms of Dixie (Unabridged) - Hans Holzer

The Phantoms of Dixie (Unabridged)

By Hans Holzer

  • Release Date: 2017-11-15
  • Genre: Nonfiction
  • © 2017 Crossroad Press

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The Phantoms of Dixie (Unabridged) Hans Holzer

Summary : The Phantoms of Dixie (Unabridged)

Once again, in his 27th book, Hans Holzer embarks on a ghost hunt, this time in the haunted Southland. He ranges from Alabama, Arkansas, and Florida to Oklahoma, Texas, Virginia and the Carolinas, to Georgia and Louisiana and Maryland in quest of spectres, seeking out unusual places and unusual people.

From reports by reputable witnesses, Professor Holzer has gathered here firsthand accounts of psychic experiences; of ghosts seen or heard; or rickety houses and stately mansions whose otherworld inhabitants share the appointments with flesh-and-blood people.

Dixie, with its romantic moods and old-world charm, is particularly prone to harbor phantoms, such as the Gray Man of Pawley's Island, South Carolina, who warns of impending disaster, or headless Joe Baldwin and the famed Maco light of Wilmington. In perhaps the most chilling account, a Tyler, Texas, family suffers years of agony at the hands of a particularly destructive poltergeist. Insects come from nowhere to literally rain on them in their home, and heavy objects are seen to move through space.

The phantoms of Dixie are neither legendary nor figments of the imagination. They are the spirits of restless people who once lived out their normal lives, but died in distress or terror. If you are a psychic, and if you chance to visit some of the colorful places Hans Holzer describes in this book, perhaps you too will partake of the spine-tingling experiences these Southerners have lived through.

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